Shower Doors Santa Monica, CA


The Ultimate in Modern Bath Style

For the ultimate in style, comfort and ease of use, many homeowners opt for glass shower doors in their bathrooms. Glass shower doors make showering more comfortable because they seal out cold air drafts. When it comes to ease of use and care, glass shower doors are the best option. Get rid of your moldy shower curtains and go with high quality glass shower doors provided by Action Glass. Action Glass is Santa Monica, CA’s top glass installation company. We are top-notch glaziers who have the expertise to handle any glass installation service. We source all of our materials from the highest quality glass vendors to assure total customer satisfaction. Because of this, Action Glass is the most competitive glass installation firm in the Santa Monica, CA area.

Beautify your home with custom mirror installation

Action Glass also specializes in custom mirror installation. Mirrors can add the appearance of roominess in an otherwise small area. High Quality mirrors from Action Glass are a sure fire way to beautify any room in your home. Top quality glass mirrors help make performing your morning grooming tasks such as shaving and applying makeup a pleasure. If you are interested in adding mirrors to any room of your home, contact Action Glass today for more information on our custom mirror installation services.

Window repair and installation from Action Glass

By utilizing Action Glass for our window installation and repair services, homeowners all over the Santa Monica, CA area have saved thousands of dollars in utility bills. Old, leaky window seals are the number one reason for increased heating and cooling costs. Complete window replacement is the ideal option for maximum utility savings. However, due to the significant cost, window repair is sometimes a preferable option. Action Glass can expertly repair even the oldest windows. After we completely reseal your windows and replace any broken or cracked panes, your utility costs will significantly decrease. Call Action Glass today for more information on our expert glass installation and repair services.

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