Shower Doors Palos Verdes, CA


High End Glass Shower Door Installation

The Palos Verdes, CA area has many beautiful homes. Action Glass proudly serves this area with the finest glass shower door installation services. Action Glass employs only the most experienced glazers to perform each custom installation with care and expertise. We offer a large variety of pre-made framed shower doors as well as custom frameless shower door installations. As a result, our services are quite popular around the Palos Verdes, CA area. Many of our most discerning clients have all been satisfied with our top quality workmanship. Action Glass specializes in high-end frameless shower doors. Certainly, you can achieve the pinnacle of modern bathroom design with a beautiful frameless glass shower door from Action Glass. Contact us today for more information on frameless glass shower floors.

Custom Mirrors Provided by Action Glass

Action Glass also provides professional caliber custom mirror installation. One can achieve many interesting interior design effects utilizing custom glass mirrors. Glass mirrors can beautify and enlarge any space in your home. Contact Action Glass now for more information on the scope of our custom mirror installation services.

Matchless Window Repair and Installation Services

Replacing the worn out windows in your home is the best way to improve comfort and save money on utility bills. The poor insulation caused by leaking window seals is the number one cause of increasing utility costs. In older homes, the inferior design of legacy window construction makes these old windows less able to insulate your home from outside heat and cold, even if their seals are still intact. Because of this, even if your old windows are still in good condition, replacement with modern windows has many benefits.

For our clients that can’t quite afford a complete window replacement, Action Glass offers professional grade window repair services. Window repairs are less labor intensive than full replacement. However, we will repair any broken panes and renew all window seals to ensure a snug fit. Our clients notice immediate results in ability maintain comfortable temperatures in their home. As a result, utility costs decrease after performing this service. Contact Action Glass today for a quote on our custom window installation and repair services.

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